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We have a small quality breeding of elegant, white amiable standard poodles.
We attack much value to health, an agreeable temperament and a super pigmentation.
In 1980 we began to breed very successfully white and silver toy and dwarf poodles. Some of them became several times German Champion and International Champion too.

Since long time ago we were fascinated of calmness and charisma of standard poodles and so we required our first white male standard poodle in 1998. In November of the same year a white female standard poodle followed.
Our dogs live with us in our home and share the family life. Our puppies too are raised by the family and therefore are perfectly sozialized.

We join exhibitionshows with our dogs and they get regularly training in sports, agility and dog races.
Our dogs are not only beauty champions but also very successful in sports.

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